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Sailors Cove Marine
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When Fall is near Store Your boat Here

    Storage at Sailors Cove Marine​​
  • Storage runs in six month increments
  • Winter -- November 1 through April 30
  • Summer -- May 1 through October 31
  • These dates are a guide and are flexible
  • Storage is $2.65 per square foot of the boat. (Length x Beam x 2.65 = total)
  • A contract must be filled out
  • Storage must be paid by contract date
  • We need proof of insurance for your boat
  • All contact information Must be up to date
  • All Rules and requirements are listed in the contract. Questions, Ask.
  • Jack standing fee with our stands, Ask
  • We do offer mast unstepping & storage for boats not stored on our property for a fee. Please inquire
  • There are numerous electrical outlets on the property. You are welcome to plug in for a day. No one will be allowed to be plugged in permanently. This is for battery charging only or running power tools to do work
  • Absolutely No heaters allowed unattended

When you store with us we treat your boat as if it were ours.
Call to schedule a haulout 586-493-0935

We have a 20 ton Travel lift. We can store your boat on land either in your own cradle or jack standed with our own stands or yours if you provide them. There is a fee for using our stands
We handle your boat with great care, making sure that your boat is set down properly on its keel and all pad pressure is correct.

Storing with us includes;
  • Lifting the boat out of the water
  • Power washing the bottom
  • Setting the boat into its cradle or on jack stands
  • Launching the boat in the spring
  • Any additional services are billed accordingly

You do not need to be present to haul out or launch.
  • With your permission;
  • We need access to the interior of your boat on launch to check for water intrusion. We need access to be able to start the engine to move the boat into or out of the hoist well.
  • We handle all boats professionally and confidently and have been doing so for many years.
  • We can deliver your boat to the yard for haul out. (Inquire)

To Haul out :
  • Haul out is by appointment only. The schedual can fill quickly so plan ahead when you want to haul out.
  • You may leave your boat at our docks for us to haul out
  • Storage Contract must be filled out and signed
  • Storage must be paid in full by contract date
  • If you want your boat winterized by us, a contract needs to be filled out for this.
  • Holding tanks must be Pumped out
  • Water tanks should be emptied
  • Head Sail must be off as we may need to remove the headstay to fit into the hoist
  • Cradle must be present or stands
  • Cradles or stands must be in serviceable / usable condition.
  • We may offer to use one of our on site cradles for your boat to be stored in for the winter
  • If you want an early launch date in the spring please inform us. Generally early out is late in as the yard fills up quickly
  • If you have any concerns or questions please contact us.

       We look forward to handling your boat and giving you               exceptional care.

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